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A perfect gateway drug to the world
of lettering and type

  • Jessica has done so much great work she could have simply published a monograph. Instead, she shows you how to do great work too. That says everything about who Jessica is — and what kind of book this is.

    — Stephen Coles Author & Founder of Typographica
  • Is there any greater thrill than a peek behind the curtain to see how a great magician’s tricks are really done? Jessica Hische provides that peek, and anyone who cares about drawing, lettering, or—dare I say—the power of the written word will be absolutely enthralled with what she reveals.

    — Michael Bierut Designer, Author, Educator & Partner at Pentagram
  • Jessica took the world by storm and her first book, In Progress, shows you how and why. Whether it is her whimsical and witty personal projects, her riveting magazine and book covers, her entertaining editorial work, her magical movie titles, or even her first draft pencil sketches, In Progress brilliantly reveals exactly what it takes to make meaningful work that moves people and that matters.

    — Debbie Millman Designer, Author & Host of Design Matters
  • Unlike most focused type and lettering books, Jessica covers a very broad range of topics in very approachable terms. From formal models of letter construction and serif structure all the way through software suggestions, vector drafting, and decorative shading. It functions as a perfect gateway drug to the world of lettering and type, building a solid foundation by addressing the biggest real-world issues. Plus, it’s just damn nice to look at.

    — Nick Sherman Type and Pizza Enthusiast / Consultant