Work Inquiries


If you are a potential client, contact Frank Sturges, my artist rep. All incoming jobs are routed through his office.

Identity Work

I love logotype work and specialize in brand refreshes (like the work I created for MailChimp and Retail Me Not). Please see the Identity section of my portfolio to get a sense of the branding services that I offer, and contact Frank Sturges with any inquiries.


Because of the amount of side projects I’m already managing, I only participate in collaborative projects that are for charitable organizations or are created by people I have a personal relationship with (and even then, only have the bandwidth to take on a few projects a year). Feel free to Contact Me if you fall into one of these categories.

Personal Commissions

I’m unable to take on personal commissions at this time. This includes tattoo designs, wedding invitation designs, presents for significant others, etc.

Speaking & Workshops


I’m taking on new public speaking gigs in a limited capacity, as it’s proven quite difficult to manage client work and my personal projects while constantly on the road. I’m primarily based in San Francisco, so if your event is an easy (direct) flight from SFO, the chances of me being able to participate are much higher than an intense multi-connection travel fiasco. I love traveling for conferences and give preference to large conferences when scheduling events. I prefer not to book more than 8 months in advance. Contact me, You’ll receive a response within 1-2 weeks.


I hold workshops a few times a year in my San Francisco studio. If you want to be alerted about workshops, sign up for the mailing lists at Title Case and my personal mailing list. You can also sign up for my Skillshare, which is a much cheaper way to learn from me, though of course doesn’t replace the experience of an in-person workshop.

Press Inquiries

Magazine Features

If you’d like to feature me or my work in your magazine, feel free to get in touch. I have compiled a press page that includes bios of varying lengths, links to press photos, and I can send you a link to high res work upon request. Please include the deadline for work submission in the subject line of your email. Contact me, you should receive a response within 1-2 weeks.

Blog Features

There are so many blogs in the world! Because of the amount of requests I receive for blog interviews, I am taking them on in a very limited capacity. Preference is given to well design blogs with high readership, good photography, and writers actually interested in writing (aka not just mindless generic Q&A interviews). Contact me, you’ll receive a response within a few weeks.

Social Promotion Requests

If you have an awesome product that you’ve made and want me to tweet about it, I’m happy to as long as I have had an opportunity to actually use it and I think my audience will actually like it. I care deeply about keeping my twitter self my real self, and therefore am very picky about the things that I help promote. The best way to reach out to me about this is to do so through twitter, and if I like your thing, I’ll retweet. Just please don’t clog up my @mentions feed with products that are obviously not right for my audience.


Student Interviews / Advice

I have gone above and beyond to link to every thought in my head answered in previous interviews as well as listing an FAQ for use in your projects. Please do not contact me with generic “Dear Sir / Madam” emails or with questionnaires that start with “Please describe your profession.” Those sorts of emails give me angry eyebrows, and angry eyebrows give you wrinkles.

If you send me a generic email, you will not receive a response. If you send me genuinely interesting questions that haven’t been previously answered in interviews I’ve linked to, I’ll get back to you during one of my “unburying myself from email” days. I cannot send you high resolution images for your student projects, FPO low res are fine enough to work with as I don’t believe these sorts of projects should ever be included in a final portfolio. Contact me here.


As I try to divide my time between my San Francisco and Brooklyn studios, and as I travel quite a bit for speaking engagements, I’m unable to take on interns. Sorry!

Portfolio Reviews / Professional Critiques

Sorry, but I am not performing portfolio reviews at this time. However, if you are traveling to San Francisco, feel free to write me and if I have room in my calendar for a brief visit I will do what I can to make it work.

Just Reaching Out

Just want to drop me a note to say hi? I love that. Email away!