Other Stuff for Sale

Retail therapy for letter lovers! Here are a bunch of things that I designed for sale in my store and elsewhere.


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Letterpress Prints

I love letterpress printing and it’s such a perfect medium for showing off beautiful lettering! I started selling letterpress prints by making reproductions of my Daily Drop Caps but love to letterpress anything I can get my hands on—some I even print myself! If you purchase a print in my store you’ll also probably have a very pleasant email exchange with my mom (aka my “studio momager”).

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You guys know I love letters, but did you know that I’ve made a couple of actual working typefaces? You can pick up any of my typefaces in my store or from a few other retailers like myfonts and veer. Most are not available as web fonts yet because I want to make sure they work awesomely in every browser.

  • Silencio Sans


Paperless Post

I am so excited about this new partnership with Paperless Post! I’ve been a fan of their service since it started and have had a ton of fun working with them so far. I’ll be posting new work on an ongoing basis so make sure you check back often for new designs! If you have a wedding coming up or a baby on the way though, I've got you covered big time.

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iPhone & iPad Cases

I was able to collaborate with Uncommon this year to create awesome iPhone and iPad cases for every model on the market that prominently feature my Daily Drop Caps. We’ll be rolling out each and every alphabet overtime, so stay tuned for your favorite letter to launch!

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I get to work on a lot of fun random projects, and these are a few of them! My favorites include designy temporary tattoos for Tattly, a really fun company set up by Tina Roth Eisenberg (aka Swiss Miss), the postage stamps I helped create while working for Louise Fili, and some of the charity poster projects I’ve gotten to be a part of. Also make sure you snatch up the 2013 NPR calendar before the year’s end!

  • Mahonia…

  • Interessante

  • Mother Fucker

  • $25+
  • Ragnarok…

  • Pretty Happy…

  • Krai by Olga…

  • Art of the Cap

  • Code Mode Light

  • Tattly Designs

  • Prefontaine

  • Help Ink

  • NPR Calendar

  • Heartwork

  • TDC 65th…

  • Everything is…

  • 50 and 50

  • Cake Stencils

  • Daily Drop Cap

  • Viney Alphabet

  • Love Stamp



Here you’ll find links to purchase many of the books that I’ve worked on. Some I just designed the cover, but some I designed inside and out. This includes some of the wonderful boutiquey books I helped create while working for Louise Fili as well as my recent large series for Barnes & Noble, and my big ongoing project, Penguin Drop Caps!

  • Sprint

  • Some…

  • Gilda

  • The Long Day…

  • The Circle

  • 826…

  • Penguin Drop…

  • Beck: Song…

  • Jacob’s Folly

  • A Spoonful of…

  • A Hologram for…

  • Barnes &…

  • Magic Hours

  • Augusten…

  • Grantland…

  • Bust DIY Guide…

  • Comfort and Joy

  • American Rose

  • Elizabeth…

  • The Kissing…

  • Today is the…

  • Roses

  • Dandy Gilver